Why You Need an Agent

by B & G Real Estate Services
March 29, 2019

Why You Need an Agent to Buy or Sell a Home

Are you toying with the idea of a DIY real estate transaction? It makes sense to want to save as much as you can as a buyer or seller. We understand how tempting it is to try to go it alone for a home sale or purchase. We’re here to tell you, that’s not advisable. Helping clients through real estate transactions is our business, so we know first hand what can go wrong without professional help.

With so much at stake - possibly the biggest financial decision of your life, relying on the internet to give the support you need is not wise. Yes, you can find a lot of information and resources online, but home buying/selling is highly complex and full of potential pitfalls. As very seasoned agents, we’ve seen it all and can navigate the rough waters of inspections, zoning, contracts, escrow, etc. If, however, you’re still considering buying or selling a home without a Realtor®, this blog will give you some concrete reasons to reconsider.

Realtors® Have the Expertise You Need

Real estate is a tricky quagmire of jargon, forms, ethics, laws, and documents. It’s not difficult or uncommon to get tangled up in what you don’t understand. The more experience an agent has, the more likely they are to have already encountered the challenges that could come your way in a transaction. When things get tricky, and they do, having an agent who knows just how to handle it is invaluable.

Advanced Search Functions

The general public has access to a lot of information on sites like Zillow and Trulia. Realtors® have greater access through their MLS membership. Some properties may not be active yet, but open to licensed agents to see it coming. Also, the public sites are helpful, but they don’t always have the most accurate data. For example, house price estimates may be in the ballpark, but better used as a starting point. Houses that sell sometimes take a while to come off the public site pages, giving the wrong impression of actual inventory.  Better to work with an agent who has the up to date information at their fingertips.

Agents like us specialize in a particular area and know more about it than the average home buyer/seller. This proves to be quite an advantage when you know where you want to live.

Realtors® are Your Advocate

Who wouldn’t want a seasoned negotiator on their side when working toward the best deal? We are more experienced and skilled at negotiating a deal than the average person. Our fiduciary responsibility is to our clients first…always. That means we are working on your behalf, often more skillfully than you would do on your own. Issues like bidding wars and cash offers present buyers with challenges they may not know the best way to overcome.

A great financial outcome is always a goal, but its not the only thing we help negotiate. Move-in dates, items that convey, repairs, contingencies are all a part of the total transaction.

Agents are Well-Connected

Being in the real estate business and in the Manassas area for many years, we know everyone involved in the home buying/selling process. We only work with the best professionals, so our clients get quality referrals to mortgage lenders, attorneys, inspectors, stagers, contractors, etc. We pride ourselves on the extensive network that’s taken years to develop, that most people don’t have. It is an added resource we can offer our clients that ends up saving them countless dollars and hours.

Agents that have been successful for many years are an asset through the home buying/selling process. We hope that if you were thinking of trying to buy or sell a home without that level of support, you are now going to consider working with an agent. Please get in touch and we can discuss in greater detail all the benefits we offer our clients.

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