Tips to Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

by B & G Real Estate Services
May 17, 2019

Tips to Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

If you’re thinking of putting your house on the market, but not sure how to get ready, we’re here to help. Putting a house up for sale is a big decision and can be a lot of work. If your home is up to date on all maintenance, repairs, and upgrades, it will be easier. Many houses require a bit of extra attention prior to listing, in order to get the best offers. This week’s blog offers some valuable tips to help ease the process of selling your home.

Deep Clean - Go the extra mile to make sure not only the carpets are shampooed, floors mopped, and surfaces wiped down, but windows washed inside and out, baseboards and cabinets cleaned, ceiling fans dusted, etc. A professional cleaning company should know what to do to deep clean a home before a sale. This will go a long way toward presenting your house in the best possible light.

De-Clutter - Make sure the kids toys stay picked up, the piles of paper get filed, and surfaces stay clear of excess items. Hang up clothes, put away clean dishes, and resist the temptation to let things pile up again.

Fix Things - Create a punch list of things that need fixing. Hire a handyman if you don’t have time or the skills to do the tasks yourself. Try to look at your house the way a stranger would, for the first time. What do you see that could use some TLC? Sometimes the little things can make a big difference to the first impression of a home.

Fresh Coat of Paint - You may not need to do the whole house inside and out, but where would some fresh paint really help brighten up the place? If there are walls or cabinets with smudges and dirty handprints, wash or touch up with new paint.

De-personalize and Stage - Once all the cleaning, organizing, fixing, and upgrades have been done, remove your family photos and nicknacks. Go through each room and take out anything that is personal to you and your family. Then arrange the furniture and decor to be very attractive and inviting. Create a space where people can easily feel like they belong there.

Selling a home can be hard, but we are here to help you through every step of the way. We have resources and tools to get it done right. Please let us know when you’re ready to sell your home.


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