There's More to Manassas

by B & G Real Estate Services
April 11, 2019

There’s More to Manassas

We’ve written a lot about the many things to do in Manassas, VA, highlighting the communities we specialize in serving  - Arrowood/Signal Hill and Blooms Crossing. We’ve discussed the amenities available to residents of these and surrounding communities. It’s clear we are proud to specialize in Manassas real estate. We know this is an excellent town to live and work in, and we enjoy sharing our passion for helping people who live here and want to move here. In this blog we’re going to dive into some statistics about our town.

This data was taken from a couple of online sources that rate and review places to live throughout the country. It’s interesting to note that Manassas, like other parts of Northern Virginia, do not rate high for housing. That’s primarily because the home prices are compared to the average for the entire state of Virginia. Northern Virginia has the highest cost of living in the state, due to its proximity to Washington D.C. It also has the highest income levels. Keep that in mind as you do your own research on area housing. Anything in this area compared to the state as a whole will look quite different. That said, let’s talk Manassas demographics.

The population in Manassas is 41,149. which puts it toward the middle compared to surrounding areas, such as Woodbridge (54,275), Chantilly (23,039), Reston (58,404), Centreville (71,135). It’s about even for the number of males and females. What’s significant about the number of people living in this area, also consistent with Northern Virginia generally, is the population density. Though this is a suburb, it is convenient to a major metropolitan area, and therefor has far more people living here than communities in the rest of the state.   The people per square mile in Manassas is about 4,200. Compare that to the state at 191 and national population density at 91, it starts to seem like a big city itself. Then look at D.C., with 10,528 people per square mile and Manassas looks a bit more roomy.

The other factors related to demographics are largely consistent with the rest of the state and country, ie: median age, marital status, families with children, English speakers, etc, with the exception of diversity which ranks higher than both the state and national average.

Looking at the statistics for real estate in Manassas, the median home price is 18% higher than the entire state at $293,000. Homeownership is at 62% which is only 5% lower than the rest of the state. Balance that with median income in Manassas, at $74,371, which is 12% higher than Virginia overall.

There are pros and cons to every community and living situation. If you want to live where you can’t see a neighbor for miles, Manassas may not be the right fit. If, however, you are interested in a community with an abundance of amenities, entertainment, opportunity, and convenience…Manassas is a great choice. Please get in touch and let us help you find your perfect Manassas home.


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