Spring Into Manassas Real Estate

by B & G Real Estate Services
March 8, 2019

Spring Cleaning in Manassas

This Sunday, March 10, marks the start of Day Light Savings Time. The days get longer and warmer (though it’s hard to image with these cold days)…spring is just around the corner. With warmer weather comes a heat up in the housing market. More people will put their house on the market and will be looking for their next new home. It’s also a great time to do some work sprucing up your house.

Home repairs, gardening, deep cleaning, yard work, and de-cluttering are all good springtime activities. While it’s not spring yet, now is a good time to start setting goals and making plans to improve your home and garden. If you’re going to put your house on the market, you’ll definitely want to do this type of spring cleaning. Adapted from this article in the Manassas Patch, here are some tips to transition from winter to spring to beautify your Manassas home.

1. Closets

Have you heard the rule of thumb that if you haven’t worn something in 2 years, you probably aren’t going to? It’s time to get rid of old clothes and shoes that are taking up space in your closets. You can donate your used clothes if they are in decent condition, so someone else who needs them can benefit. You can free up limited closet space by putting seasonal clothes in an attic or under a bed.

2. Kitchen

For the fridge and pantry area, remove all food and throw away any expired items. Clean shelves and bins thoroughly. Go through pantry and dispose of old packaged food, with the same measure as your closet - if you haven’t used it in a year or more, time to get rid of it. Clean floors, baseboards, walls, and shelves.

3. Home Office

With one in five Americans now working from home, keeping your work and personal life separate is very important. Consider going paperless for all your communications, thereby reducing paper clutter. Develop a filing system to keep necessary papers in order.

4. Garage

The first step to cleaning a garage is to identify its purpose. Is it a workshop, storage space, or strictly for parking your vehicle? The next move is to get rid of items that don't work for the intended purpose. Once that is done, use storage containers to keep the critters out and protect your belongings. Label containers on the top and the side so the contents can be found quickly when needed. Nothing is worse than not being able to find something when you need it the most. Organize tools and equipment in easy to access places in the garage.

5. Children's Area

For children's play areas, place bins and other forms of storage on lower shelves for easier access. By storing children's items where they can be reached, children get more involved in the cleaning process. Wipe down surface areas and organize toys, books, and other playthings to look neat and clean.

These are just a few ideas for spring cleaning. Manassas has resources to deal with bulk waste for very large items. Remember to check with the Manassas Waste Disposal Department and this page for local trash disposal laws.

Spring is such a joyful time, after the long cold winter. Having a clean and organized house will make it even more pleasant. If you are planning to sell your home, you will want to keep it in Spring Clean condition while it’s on the market. Please get in touch for more information on how we can help you sell you house or find your next home.


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