Selling Your Manassas Home in the Summer

by B & G Real Estate Services
June 7, 2019

Selling Your Manassas Home in the Summer

Summer can be a challenging time to sell a home, but not impossible. Though spring is the most popular time of the year to put a house on the market, and fall is second, there are some things you can do to help sell your home this summer. This blog is about tips to make your home sale effective in the next couple of months.

Summer may not be the ideal time to put a house on the market. Kids are out of school which means families are focussed on vacations, summer activities, and keeping kids busy until school starts in the fall. Though this is the trend in real estate, it’s not absolute. Some people need to move in the summer or don’t have children to take their focus from home buying. If someone is relocating for a job, they need a new home regardless of the season. Because there may be fewer houses coming on the market in the summer, your house may stand out easier without so many other choices.

Here are some tips to improving your home sale chances this summer:

Be flexible with showing times - With longer days, people tend to be out later and may want to see your home later in the evening. If you can be flexible to the needs of potential buyers, allow showings throughout the evening.

Keep your yard manicured - Grass grows fast in the summer and may be challenging to keep up with it, but it is important to the overall presence of the property. Keeps weeds under control and landscaping nice. If you are not great at staying on top of your yard, you may want to hire a service. It will probably be worth it in the long run.

Add summer decor - This is a unique time of year and your home can attract attention for fun things like bright colors and light effects. Consider replacing dark pillows, throw rugs, and other accents with light or bright colors. Change dark curtains or blinds to something that lets in more light and looks warm and inviting. Take advantage of the fun mood of summer by putting up some beach decor, flowers, or other appealing accents.

Have summer snacks at your open house - Lemonade, iced tea, watermelon, and strawberries make great snacks for people coming to see your home. These “feel good” treats say summer and make a nice impression on visitors.

Manage the climate - It’s hot and sticky outside, so your home should be cool and comfortable. Keep the AC on throughout the day, even if you aren’t home. Agents will be bringing prospects to see your house and you don’t want them walking in to a stuffy and uncomfortable environment.

Though it’s not likely that any one of these tips will be the deciding factor for someone buying your home, they help make a positive impression on potential buyers. People are more likely to follow through on your house if they feel good about being there. Please let us know if you are ready to sell your home this summer, or if you’re looking to buy. We’re here to help you with your home buying/selling needs.


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